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Judy Wong has passed away
Poster: Penguin

We wanted to confirm that longtime friend and associate of the band, Judy Wong, passed away last week.  She'd had heart problems for years, and had a massive heart attack ten years ago, and was having some health issues as of late. She was hospitalized, but checked herself out against doctor's advice, and unfortunately died at home.  Judy was responsible for introducing Bob Welch to Fleetwood Mac, and worked for them 'behind the scenes' for many years, in their offices and on their tourbooks.  Bob Welch says Mick Fleetwood is in the process of trying to get a memorial together for her, as she really had no family.
We here at the Penguin would like to say how sorry we are to hear of her passing, and we thank her for her role in looking after the people in the band we all love so much.  Our condolences to all who knew and loved her; she will certainly be missed. 

Judy's former husband and longtime friend Glenn Cornick created a beautiful photo gallery in tribute to her at :

Many thanks to Glenn for letting us know about it.

Also we received this letter from a cousin of Judy's, and appreciate her sharing some recollections of Judy's life with us.


Dear Mr. Adelson:  Judy Wong does indeed have a family.  I am her cousin, Candy Jung, and I live in Sacramento.  We were first cousins and grew up together.  Her brother, Corby, also lives in Sacramento, and we were notified by the Coroner's office on Saturday of her death.  We are contacting the Coroner's office on Monday to bring Judy home if we can.  She also leaves several surviving cousins and an aunt.  I am writing this to correct the assumption that she was without family.

Judy's accomplishments included attending the University of California, Berkeley, and being the owner and clothing designer of  Passionflower, a fashion boutique in North Beach in San Francisco that garnered a well-received review in Women's Wear Daily.  Janis Joplin was a personal friend and customer.

When Judy lived in San Francisco, her roommates were the twins, Jenny and Patti Boyd, one of whom married George Harrison and then Eric Clapton.  Judy befriended Eric Burdon, Paul McCartney, the Kinks, and, of course, married Glenn Cornick of the Jethro Tull.  Her association with Fleetwood Mac was one of the happiest and most fulfilling periods in her life, both professionally and personally. 

Judy was kind, spiritual, and an exceptionally loyal friend.  Our family is grateful for your poster in Second Hand News in bringing public attention and recognition to someone we greatly loved and treasured.

Candy Jung

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Cousin Candy
Sorry to report that Candy Jung passed away shortly after Judy. She had been in very poor health and I believe she was on regular dialysis.
Glenn Cornick
Thanks Judy!
In 1981, at the age of 17, I spent my week-long vacation from my small-town radio job in Los Angeles. Being a big Fleetwood Mac fan I decided I wanted to try meet the band. I found Judy Wong's name along with the Penguin Promotions name in a credit on, I believe, the 'Rumors' sleeve. I picked up the phone, dialed 411, got the office number and called. Judy answered the phone. I told her who I was (nobody!) and that I wanted to come see the office. I'm sure anyone else would have thought I was nuts. Judy said "Come on over!" On that trip, and another visit the following Summer, Judy Wong sat with me in the Penguin office and regaled me with stories, anecdotes and free albums for hours! I have never forgotten the kindness she showed me, and I regret I didn't keep in touch beyond a few years. The posting of her death made my heart sink, while bringing back many fond memories. In my book she was a first-class act! Thank you, Judy.
Craig Michaels
Judy Wong's passing
Candy, I'm so glad you took the time to clarify that your cousin Judy did indeed have a family she left behind. Although families are not always close (I speak from experience), they are non the less a part of us for all of our days on this earth. I know you loved your cousin Judy because you spoke of often and wished you could have spent more time together. You, Candy, are one of my favorite people/friends, in addition to being my cousin. I am not related to your cousin Judy, but felt like I've known her because of your kind thoughts. Judy will always be in your heart...
Janice Wong

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